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Long Radius Circulating Loop Hose Detail

Cementing & Circulating Hoses are manufactured in various sizes (from 1″ to 4″) and in various configurations to meet virtually all needs of Oil Industry.

These can handle a wide variety of fluids at cold working pressure up to 20,000 PSI. These hoses are made in steel to meet ASTM/AISI standards, are rugged, fold up easily and quickly for transportation.

These are specially heat treated to get the desired hardness to suit various applications. Even sizes beyond 4″ can be supplied to meet customer requirement.

Hammer Union Introduce

Long Radius Circulating Loop Hose
Model No: Long Radius Circulating Loop Hose

Material: ASTM/AISI standards
Size: 2″ to 6″

Imprint: Customized
Packing: Customized

Recommended For:
These hoses are recommended for service in Low Pressure Lines, High & Extra High pressure Lines, Discharge Lines, Water Lines, Well Testing Lines, Cementing & Circulating Lines, Temporary Flow Lines and Extra Pressure Abrasive Applications.

Swivel Joint Connections:
Hoses features Swivel Joints which provide flexibility, maximize flow characteristics and absorb shock vibrations.

Wing Unions:
Wing unions end connections provided in the cementing hoses ensure pressure tight and fast make up and quick break-out without threading, welding or special connections.

Sour Gas Service:
Cementing hoses are available in various sizes and configurations for sour gas service as per NACE standards MR 0175 and API standard RP-14E up to cold working pressure of 15000 PSI.

Method of Construction:
These hoses can be manufactured either threaded or integral or welded constructions or with NPS end connections.

Standard Lengths of Hoses
Following standard lengths are available. These lengths are fully extended lengths of the unfolded hoses:

Threaded Hose – 12 feet
NPS Hose – 12 feet
Welded Hose – 12 feet
Integral Hose – 12 feet

Other lengths can also be provided on request. Hoses are also available in half section configuration. In this case, stated length will be half of the length of comparable full length section. The loop can be divided into various sections depending upon the number of unions in the loop. The loop is generally in 4 & 2 sections.

Swivel Joint Styles:
Swivel Joints can be manufactured equivalent to style 10, 20, 30, 40, 50,’ 60, 70 & 80. Normally the most used style in various applications in style 50 and style 10 but can cater for any style to meet customer requirements.

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