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Butt-weld Hammer Union12.02

Butt-weld Hammer Union

Raw Material:
Low Carbon Steel (EN 1A, SAE 1020, SAE 1010 etc.)
Medium Carbon Steel (EN 8, EN 31, EN 9, SAE 1045 etc.)

Butt-weld Hammer Union12.02

Thread Hammer Union

Material Advantages:
Raw Material—Rubber
NBR LG Chem Brand from Korean
Raw Material—Rubber
HNBR Lanxess Brand from Germany.

Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint

90 degree swivel joint is connected with 10 type, 20 type,30 type, 40 type, 50 type, 60 type, 70 type,80 type, 90 type, 100 type union, and common connection modes are as below:

Check Valve (1)

API Valves

● Easy repairing and maintenance, can be performed inline, no need special tools.
● Plug valves which treated with special coating process, has excellent performance in wear and corrosion resistances.

Long Radius Circulating Loop Hose

Circulating Loop Hose

Wing Unions:
Wing unions end connections provided in the cementing hoses ensure pressure tight and fast make up and quick break-out without threading, welding or special connections.

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