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Bop Hose

bop hose1

BOP Hose 3000PSI

Material Advantages
Raw Material—Rubber
NBR LG Chem Brand from Korean
Raw Material—Rubber
HNBR Lanxess Brand from Germany.


BOP Hose 5000PSI

Multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable, with one layer middle rubber placed between cable layers.

BOP Hose Product Explanation

BOP Hose

BOP hoses Applications

Our high-performance BOP hoses are designed for hydraulic use and certified to withstand fire, high heat and pressures in safety critical applications.

All BOP hose assemblies are tested and approved, complying with American Petroleum Industry API 16D guidelines to meet and exceed OD/1000/499 flame testing at 1300 °F for five minutes.

BOP hoses are used for hydraulic connections between the well control equipment and the control system.

BOP hoses Protective

BOP hoses Protective

Our products combine our trusted multi-spiral hose range with Interlock connection and optional stainless steel armor to protect the system from external shock.

The Stainless Stee bop hoses are armored in heavy duty .015 gauge for those tough oilfield applications.

A special Carbon or Stainless Steel nipple with a large hex and longer threads allows for easy and complete installation of hammer unions.

Choose the our BOP Hose control lines for your demanding applications.

BOP hoses Protective

BOP hoses Protective

Jingbo specialist hose solutions allow customers to meet the stringent specifications for Jingbo Preventer (BOP) and well control for subsea and topside applications.

High Pressure Subsea BOP Hoses,We can supply a range of 2390N hoses which are designed for safety, versatility and efficiency, matching the tough requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Hotline Hoses Lengths

Hotline Hoses Lengths

Hotline Hoses
Hot line hoses supply Hydraulic fluid to the BOP control system while its being deployed to, or retrieved from, the seabed.

Hot line hoses are typically supplied in long lengths (approx. 12,000 ft) from stock with 1″ ID, 5000 psi.

BOP Hose Specification

BOP Hose 3000PSI Standard Service

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