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Home 9 Cementing Hose 9 Cementing Hose 7500PSI 9 Cementing Hose 7500PSI Grade E Standard Service

Cementing Hose 7500PSI Grade E Standard Service

Cementing Hose 7500PSI Grade E Standard Service
Cementing Hose 7500PSI Grade E Standard Service
Cementing Hose 7500PSI Grade E Standard Service

Product description

7,500psi W.P. – 11,250psi T.P. – 18,750psi B.P.

API Spec 7K

Recommended For:
Used as a flexible connection between the cementing pump and manifold and cementing head for conveyance of cement slurries at high pressure.

Modified Nitrile. 3/16″ thick. Black. Specially designed for handling abrasion and corrosion.

Multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable, with one layer handling middle rubber placed between cable layers.

Modified Nitrile. Black. Specially designed Ultra abrasion cover is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, cutting, gouging, oil and weather.

Swaged couplings. Full range of couplings are available, such as hammer unions, flanges, hubs, male threads, etc.

-4℉ to +250℉ (-20℃ to +121℃) continuous service

Accessories such as safety clamps, hose lift eyes and stainless steel armor are available upon request.

Each hose is tested at 11250psi for 15 minutes. Pressure test graph, test certificate and letter of conformance are issued for each hose.

Cementing Hose 7500PSI

Production Advantages:

• Germany Lanxess HNBR as raw material.
20% H2S and 80% oil based mud.
Survive the extreme oilfield application requirements and has been no quality complaint for 5 years.
• Stainless steel 316L used as armored jacket.

Factory Workshop:
• SEJIN MACHINE from Korea.
Suspension difference<70 MM, and the international standard is 120 MM.
• Mitsubishi electric control braiding machine.
High accuracy data collection, real-time braiding angle monitoring and correction.

Rotary Vibrator Hose 5000PSI
Rotary Vibrator Hose 5000PSI

Production Packaging:

In general, the packing will be iron box or wooden box.

Rotary Vibrator Hose 5000PSI

Material Advantages

Raw Material—Rubber
NBR LG Chem Brand from Korean

Raw Material Rubber
Raw Material Rubber

Raw Material—Rubber
HNBR Lanxess Brand from Germany

RawMateria Rubber (1)
RawMateria Rubber (1)


Q: How many years has your company been in this oilfield area?

A: Almost 40 years.

Q: What is the warranty period?

A: There is an one-year warranty from the date of EX-factory.

Q: Could we pay a visit to your factory?

A: Yes, you are always welcome to visit us.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: Usually it takes 10 to 25 days.

Q: Can you delivery goods on time?

A: Yes, we can. If there is the special case of force majeure, we will inform the clients in advance.

Q: What is your loading port?

A: We are close to Tianjin Sea Port. Other ports are also available upon customer’s request.

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