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Bulk Material Discharge Hose 300PSI

Recommended for:

Transfer of abrasive materials such as barite and cement from a supply Ship to an offshore drilling rig or platform; and for transfer applications on offshore or onshore drilling rigs or platforms.

The natural rubber tube is specially compounded to conduct electricity and made with extra thickness to resist abrasion.

The heavy duty reinforcement is designed to survive extreme oilfield application requirements.

The specially compounded cover material is designed to withstand the harshest environment including abrasion and weathering.

Product description

black, smooth, conductive rubber, resistant to abrasion
high tensile textile plies

black, smooth, weather and abrasion resistant rubber, conductive, fabric impression

Temperature Range:
-40℉ to +158℉ (-40℃ to +70℃)

Design Factor:

Full range of couplings are available, such as hammer unions, flanges, camlock, male thread, etc.

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