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Check Valve

Recommended For:
High-pressure well service flowlines, flowhead, frac manifold, cementing manifold,Other well service, stimulation and abrasive applications.

● Forged of high strength alloy steel
●The retainer plate inside sulfurized with Buna-N has a good sealing effect and a longer service life under high pressure.

● Cold Working Pressure: from 6,000psi to 15,000psi
● Nominal Pipe Size: 2″ to 3″
● End Connection: Fig 602, Fig 1002, Fig 1502
● Sour gas service is available.

Check Valves (Dart Type)
Check valves are unidirectional and usually installed in high pressure pipelines for preventing fluid flowing back in well service operation, their retainer plates will automatically close if fluid is pushed back.

Model No:

Nylon Textile Sleeve


API Standard


2″, 3″






API Q1-4758 (1)

As China’s first API authorized manufacturer of oilfield hoses, Jingbo has got the certificates of API Spec 7K-0376, API Spec 16C-0275, API Spec 16D-0109, API Spec Q1-2085 and API ISO9001-2008.
Jingbo has strong quality control team and tests each batch of material.
Jingbo exports hoses to more than 20 countries. Such as the USA, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, UAE, etc. We are ready to be your long term reliable partner of oilfield hoses.

API 16D-0140
API 7K-0376 (1)
API 7K-0376 (1)

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