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A large-diameter (3- to 5-in inside size), high-pressure flexible line made use of to link the standpipe to the swivel.

This flexible piping arrangement allows the rotary (and also, consequently, the drillstring as well as bit) to be raised or decreased while piercing liquid is pumped through the drillstring.

The synchronised reducing of the drillstring while pumping liquid is vital to the exploration procedure.


Rotary Hose 5000PSI

Rotary drilling hose is used to convey drilling liquids from the top of mud standpipe to the rotary swivel. Operating pressure up to 4000psi.

rotary HOSE

Rotary Hose 5000PSI H2S Sour Service

A rotary hose is used in oil well drilling. It acts as the crucial instrument in the connection being made between the standpipe and the swivel.

Rotary Hose 5000PSI H2S Sour Service Specification

Rotary Hose 5000PSI Grade D Standard Service Specification

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A 100% full inspection of finished hoses before delivery is made to provide quality products.

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