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Choke Hose 15000PSI Manufacturer

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Choke&Kill Hose Suppiers in China

Choke hose producticon process:Hose cutting,fire resistant rubber layer,stainless steel braiding,connection crimping,pressure testing,finished products.

Choke and Kill Hose 15000PSI H2S Sour Service

Multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable, with one layer middle rubber placed between cable layers.

Fire resistant rubber cover, stainless steel armored to handle abrasion, corrosion, cutting, gouging, oil and weather.

• Germany Lanxess HNBR as raw material.
• Survive the extreme oilfield application requirements and has been no quality complaint for 5 years.

Product description

15,000psi W.P. – 22,500psi T.P. – 33,750psi B.P.
API Spec 16C

Recommended For:
Flexible hose between the riser and manifold or around the ball joint of offshore drilling rigs, specially designed to withstand high pressure.

Modified Nitrile. Abrasion, corrosion, oil and H2S resistant.

Swaged couplings. Full range of couplings are available, such as hammer unions, flanges, hubs, male threads, etc.

-4℉ to +250℉ (-20℃ to +121℃) continuous service.

Accessories such as safety clamps, hose lift eyes and stainless steel armor are available upon request.

Each hose is tested at 22500psi for 60 minutes. Pressure test graph, test certificate and letter of conformance are issued for each hose.

Choke hose 15000psi specification

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