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Bop Hose 5000PSI Manufacturer

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Bop Hose Suppiers in China

Bop hose fire resistant, rubber cover, stainless steel armored to handle abrasion, corrosion, cutting, gouging, oil and weather.

BOP Hose 5000PSI Standard Service

Recommended For:
Blow-out preventer (BOP) systems requiring high pressure, high tem- perature and flame resistant control lines certified to API 16D. Armored
hose assemblies with flame resistant cover withstand minimum
1300°F (+700°C) flame temperature at working pressure for 5 minutes
without failure.

Modified Nitrile. Black.

Product description

5,000psi W.P. – 7,500psi T.P. – 12,500psi B.P.
API Spec 16D

Crimped couplings

-40℉ to +250℉ (-40℃ to +121℃) continuous service.

Each hose is tested at 7500psi for 5 minutes. Pressure test graph, test
certificate and letter of conformance are issued for each hose.

Bop hose 5000psi specification

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