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Rotary Hose

Flexible connection between standpipe and swivel (Rotary Drilling) or between pump and standpipe (Rotary Vibrator) for pumping mud at extra high pressure in oil drilling and exploration work.


Cementing Hose

Used as a flexible connection between the cementing pump and manifold and cementing head for conveyance of cement slurries at high pressure,Germany Lanxess HNBR as raw material.


Choke Hose

Choke hose producticon process:Hose cutting,fire resistant rubber layer,stainless steel braiding,connection crimping,pressure testing,Germany Lanxess HNBR as raw material..

1-Rotary Vibrator Drilling Hose 15000PSI

BOP Hose

Bop hose fire resistant, rubber cover, stainless steel armored to handle abrasion, corrosion, cutting, gouging, oil and weather.

rotary HOSE

Industrial Hose

Good quality materials make our hydraulic hose steady performance, good decentrality and excellent oil resistance.


HDPE Petrol Pipe

The proportion of polyethylene composite pipes used in petrol stations pipeline: the United States 100%, Europe close to 80%.

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