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Swivel Joint Detail

Main Technical Parameters of Swivel Joint
1. 90 degree swivel joint is connected with 10 type, 20 type,30 type, 40 type, 50 type, 60 type, 70 type,80 type, 90 type, 100 type union, and common connection modes are as below:

The swivel joints are the common components in the well kill system and are manufactured for different kinds of liquids in the oil field. These liquids contain the cement slurry, drilling mud, fracturing liquid, crude oil and treatment materials of grinding well.

Various kinds of joints can be matched flexibly and both ends can be connected by pipe thread and hammer unions. These types of swivel joints provide the flexibility for the pipeline connection of well head, blowout preventer and other workover or well testing equipments.

Product description

1.Model No: Hammer Union
Material: Steel
Size: 2-3 inch
Imprint: Customized
Packing: Customized

In order to achieve the working strength as required by the rated working pressure, all swivel joints adopt the low alloy steel and receive the thermal treatment, with the three raceways design. With a nitrogen surface treatment, the internal steel ball makes the rotation more flexible and much safer.
The multiple seal rings are placed in the connection, so as to prevent the foreign matters entering. When the seal elements have the leakage, the lubricating grease retainer with the automatic pressure reduction will prevent the pressure accumulating in the raceway cavity. The joints with several models of 2 inches to 3 inches can be selected. The maximum working pressure is 103.5 Mpa and the working temperature range is -29℃ – +82℃.

2. Precautions
(1). Swivel joint must confirm the rated working pressure on the nameplate before use, applicable specifications, allowing the use of the temperature range.
(2). The operator should take into account the drilling / or production operations will feel the temperature of the device, select the appropriate temperature, and the choice of the allowable temperature compatible Swivel joint.
(3). Activities elbow have to undergo rigorous testing and nondestructive testing hydrostatic pressure in the factory. Disassemble or repair, you must be hydrostatically tested. Rated working pressure test pressure regulator 10 minutes, without leakage (Note: pressure test should be drained before the air in the system).
(4). Swivel joint should be regularly using ultrasonic thickness measurement of wall thickness, it is recommended once a month, if not reach the effective thickness value, should be replaced immediately. Replacement should be performed in conjunction with other pipelines.
(5). Swivel joint can not operate in continuous or frequent rotation swing working condition; can not be immersed in water or working underwater. Can not withstand axial load elbow work activities.
(6). When the installation Swivel joint, should fill seal grease, and manually check each joint rotation is flexible, without jamming. Operators should wear goggles to prevent the installation of a small debris flying eye injury.

3. Use Methods and Precautions

How to use:
(1). Check all parts before use Swivel joint is flexible to use, it must be intact, in line with criteria to use;
(2). Allowed pressure to meet the requirements of the construction process, not up to standard can not be used;
(3).Hand-tighten Swivel joint, adjusted to the desired angle and then hit with a pipe wrench to tighten or tighten.

(1). Put away after use to clean;
(2). Always bearing oiling, rust-proof die.

4. Caveat
(1). Do not use in excess of the rated working pressure conditions.
(2). Swivel joint design operating temperature of -46 ℃ ~ 121 ℃, when the ambient temperature is below -46 ℃, or contact the fluid temperature is higher than 121 ℃, you should immediately discontinue use.
(3). Do not disassemble Swivel joint work in the system pressure.
(4). Swivel joint less than the required thickness of the non-use, non-use of old and new with Swivel joint.

5. Transport
(1). Swivel joint during transport, non-collision, to avoid the rain.
(2). Swivel joint should be stored in ventilated, dry place, not the sun and rain. Forbidden contact with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances.

6. Service
(1). Under normal conditions of storage and use, starting six months from the date of shipment or product within three months, due to manufacturing quality and affect the normal use, the company responsible for free replacement or warranty
(2). Each product is accompanied by certificate, packing list and instructions.
(3). You can order the appropriate product types according to the table. If you have special requirements, the company can design and manufacture.

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