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The choke and kill hoses are used on the choke manifold and kill manifold

  1. The function of choke manifold

a. Well killing operations are made through the throttling action of the throttle valve to control the flow of fluid out of the wellhead and also control the wellhead back pressure. The bottom hole pressure is always bigger than the formation pressure, which can stop the prevent overflow .

b. The pressure relief function of the throttle valve can low the pressure, and the wellhead pressure is reduced to achieve “shut-in”.

c. The massive discharge effect of the blow-out valve can lead the overflow out of the well, which can prevent the site fire and personnel poisoning at the well site and ensure the safety of drilling.

  1. The function of kill manifold:

a. The wellhead is fully sealed with a fully-sealed ram. The heavy mud is hoisted into the wellbore to perform well killing operations.

b. When the well blows out, clean water is poured into the wellbore to prevent fire.

c. When the well blows out and catches fire, fire extinguishing agent is injected into the shaft to help the fire extinguish.

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