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Wire wound drilling rubber hose is used for oil field cementing, workover and exploration. It is very important components in drilling rigs and water conservancy, coal mining facilities. Especially at some place that need flexible connections.

Definition of Kelly Hose
Drilling hose is the customary name of “rubber hose for rotary drilling and shock absorption”.
In geological and petroleum rotary drilling, it is necessary to transport large-capacity fluid mud to the drill bit through high pressure, and the rotary drilling hose and hose assembly are used as flexible connectors in the mud delivery pipeline.

Rotary drilling hose is used between the top of the riser and the swivel joint that runs up and down. Marine mud delivery hoses are used for high-pressure mud delivery between barges and offshore drilling platforms. The length is usually greater than 13.5m.

The shock absorber hose is short (9m or less) and is used between the pump and the rig, that is, the riser manifold. To accommodate different axialities and isolate vibration that generated by vibrating machines.

There is another hose called cloth insert hose. It is rubber hose that has fabric inserted inside, and work as a reinforcement layer. The cloth insert hose has an outer rubber layer and a waist layer, or is composed of an inner rubber layer and multi-layers of cloth braiding.

The cloth insert hose composed of inner rubber layer, multi-layer cloth weaving, outer rubber layer and spiral steel wire reinforcement layer is called cloth suction hose.

The cloth hose has the characteristics of oil resistance, heat resistance, light weight, excellent performance, etc.