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Kelly Hose Production Process
Product Structure

  1. Inner Rubber Layer
  2. Middle Rubber Layer
    3.Fiber Line
    4.Steel Wire Spiral Layer
    5.Outer Rubber Layer.

Kelly Hose Production Process:
Inner Rubber Layer Extruder
Steel Wire Reinforcement
Middle Rubber Layer and Reinforcement Layer
Outer Rubber Layer
Marking and Cloth Wrapping

Production Process:
Hose Cutting
Connection Crimping
Pressure Testing
Length Measuring after Pressure Test
Hose Cleaning and Packing
Finished Products with Packing

Hebei Jingbo Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1986, API (American Petroleum Institute) American Petroleum Institute, the factory has obtained certificates: API 7K-0376, ISO 9001:2015.