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Kelly Hose Named
Kelly hose is a type of high-pressure hose that is used in the drilling industry for the purpose of circulating drilling fluid between the mud pump and the swivel. It is named after Howard R. Kelly, who invented the kelly hose in 1948.

The kelly hose is typically made of reinforced rubber or steel and is connected to the top of the kelly and the drilling rig. It is used to transfer drilling mud or other drilling fluids from the mud pumps to the drill string, and also to transfer mud or other fluids from the drill string to the mud pits or other storage facilities on the rig.

Kelly hoses are created to stand up to high pressure and extreme temperatures, and also they should likewise be versatile to permit the movement of the exploration rig.
They are a vital element of the boring procedure and also are utilized in both onshore as well as overseas boring procedures.

A Kelly hose (also known as a mud hose or rotary hose) is a flexible, steel reinforced, high pressure hose that connects the standpipe to the kelly (or more specifically to the goose-neck on the swivel above the kelly) and allows free vertical movement of the kelly while facilitating the flow of drilling fluid through the system and down the drill string. The Kelly hose has a diameter of 3-5 inches (inside diameter).