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Kelly Hose Definition
A rotary hose is used in oil well drilling. It acts as the crucial instrument in the connection being made between the standpipe and the swivel.

A rotary hose is also used as a means of permitting the kelly to be either raised or lowered through the drilling process while also allowing the drill bit to be raised with the drillstring. For this reason, it is also often referred to as a “kelly hose.”

Rotary hoses also function during the process that allows the drilling fluid to be pumped through the hose when the bit and drillstring are raised and lowered. This process is imperative in the completion of the drilling process.

The drillstring portion of the drilling line and the connection to the rotary hose is thus crucial.

Kelly hose are recommended for oil drilling and exploration work.
The the flexible connection between the standpipe and top drive/swivel or between the pump and standpipe, enable effective pumping of mud at extra high pressure.

The slim hole rotary hose is recommended for rotary applications on workover rigs and slim hole or seismograph rigs.

These rotary vibrator hoses are made up of the Gates range of Black Gold hoses that meet the severe demands of today’s drilling methods including directional drilling, pressure pulses and elevated temperatures.