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How much do you know about Offshore Drilling?

As China’s first API authorized manufacturer of oilfield hoses, Jingbo has got the certificates of API Spec 7K-0376, API Spec 16C-0275, API Spec 16D-0109, API Spec Q1-2085 and API ISO9001-2008.

Each hose is tested at 2 times of working pressure.
The test graph and certificate are available for each drilling hose.

Jingbo exports hoses to more than 20 countries. Such as the USA, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, UAE, etc. We are ready to be your long term reliable partner of oilfield hoses.

Compared to the Onshore Drilling, Offshore Drilling is much more complicated. Here are some different types of Offshore Drilling and hope could help you know more about about this drilling.

Jackup Rig
A jackup rig is a type of mobile platform that consists of a buoyant hull fitted with a number of movable legs, capable of raising its hull over the surface of the sea. The buoyant hull enables transportation of the unit and all attached machinery to a desired location.

Semi Submersible Shallow Water
Semi submersible rigs make stable platforms for drilling for offshore oil and gas. They can be towed into position by a tugboat and anchored, or moved by and kept in position by their own with dynamic positioning.

Semi Submersible Deep Water
Platforms are kept in place by the use of dynamic positioning (DP) system. Semi submersibles have advanced capabilities to drill in ultra deep waters.

Drill Ships
Operates in deep waters to 15,000 feet and unique from other offshore drilling due to the mobility. They propel themselves from location to location.

Fixed Platforms
This type of oil rig has a fixed structure, ranging from spar, fixed jacketed platform, tension leg platform or gravity structure. Despite the structure the rig always sits at the very top.

Not only our hoses including rotary hoses, vibrator hoses, choke & kill hoses and BOP hoses can be used on Onshore Drilling, but they can be used on Offshore Drilling as well. As an API authorized oilfield hoses manufacturer, we are equipped with API certificates of API 7K, API 16C, API 16D and API Q1. If there is any requirement of these API hoses, please feel free to contact us.