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High Strength Kelly Hose Purpose
suitable for rotary hose for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the vertically movable water faucet in the oil drilling and mud delivery systems,and for the adjustment of installing error between the drilling pump line and the riser for the connection and vibration isolation.

It is also suitable for delivering in large quantity at high pressure the water-based or oil-based mud with the min.
Aniline point at 66℃ pumped out of rotary drilling equipment.Moreover, it resists to corrosion from hydrogen sulfide and delivers water, oil,mud and other high-pressure media in borehole operation in oil field.

2、The product is classified into steel wire reinforcing type and steel link line reinforcing type.

3、Kelly Hose Construction:
It made of inner sub or stainless steel armor inner tube ,carbon fiber reinforce sub,middle sub,steel wire reinforce sub ( steel catenarian line reinforce sub ),and carbon fiber outer sub.

4、API emblem practical license Numbers: 7K-0376
5、Applicable standard: API Spec7K SY/T5469