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The BOP control hose (BOP hydraulic control line) for the BOP system is made of high quality components and is capable of operating in harsh oil field conditions.

BOP Hose Pressure
These hoses are designed to maintain the required operating pressure and to ensure that the BOP control system continues to operate normally in the event of the most severe fire.
Bop control hose with high pressure, high temperature, fire resistance and other characteristics.

BOP Hose Pressure API 16D
Manufactured to API 16D, the blowout preventer hose is ideal for high pressure hydraulic applications on drilling control equipment, capable of withstanding rated operating pressure of at least 5 minutes at 1300°F(700°C) flame temperature.
Used in onshore and offshore drilling operations on the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) to provide hydraulic power to seal the well head in case of a kick or an emergency situation where operation is critical during exposure to fire and high temperature.
Fire rating meets and exceeds Lloyd’s Register OD/1000/499 at 1292°F for 5 minutes in accordance to the guidelines of API 16D.