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Typical Application

  • For oilfield BOP hydraulic control line hose connections.

Bop Contral Hose Construction:
Tube: black, oil resistant synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: multiple plies of synthetic textile and high tensile spiral wire.
Cover: multiple layers of fire retardant material with a stainless steel outer casing.

BOP Hose Production Process
Inner Rubber Layer Extruder
Steel Wire Reinforcement
Middle Rubber Layer and Reinforcement Layer
SS Armor Cover
Marking and Cloth Wrapping
Connection Crimping
Pressure Testing

Three Parts Coupling Patent
Traditional coupling only includes ferrule and fitting.The fitting is easy to take off under very high pressure, which seriously threatensworkers’lives.
Compared with the traditional coupling, the Three Parts Coupling designed by Jingbo is much safer.
The middle bandand the fitting are interlocked and more tightly. If you want to know more, contact us pls.