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API 7K Kelly Hose Advantages

  • Stainless steel 316L used as armored jacket.
  • Germany Lanxess HNBR as raw material.
    20% H2S and 80% oil based mud.
    Survive the extreme oilfield application requirements and has been no quality complaint for 5 years.

API 7K Kelly Hose Factory Workshop:

  • Mitsubishi electric control braiding machine.
    High accuracy data collection, real-time braiding angle monitoring and correction.
  • SEJIN MACHINE from Korea.
    Suspension difference<70 MM, and the international standard is 120 MM.

Jingbo sets up advanced laboratory and is committed continuously to improving production technology. The development of new formula improves the production efficiency and product quality.
Jingbo has strong quality control team and tests each batch of material.
A 100% full inspection of finished hoses before delivery is made to provide quality products for customers.
Each hose is tested at 1.5 times of working pressure. The test graph and certificate are available for each hose.