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For many times clients sent us requirements like the following.

#API16D BOP Hose, 3/4in, W.P. 5000psi, Stainless Steel NPT Male on both ends

API 16D, #BOPHose, 1in, W.P. 5000psi, Stainless Steel NPT Male on both ends

As we all know that the price of the stainless steel connection is much higher than that of carbon steel or other material like aluminium, alloy steel. Does your client really need stainless steel connection? Check this picture.

Is the connection stainless steel material? These are the most #BOPhoses we made. The hose armor cover is stainless steel material but not the NPT Male connection. The NPT Male connection is galvanized carbon steel material. It is the shining galvanized carbon steel that makes people confused. They insist that they need stainless steel material, even we reconfirm with them before sending them the price. Next time if you have any requirement for BOP hoses with #NPTmale connection, please do think about this.

Is the following hammer union check valve stainless steel material? You might leave your comments here.