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Kelly Hose Recommended For
A Kelly hose (additionally known as a mud hose pipe or rotary hose) is an adaptable, steel reinforced, high pressure pipe that connects the standpipe to the kelly (or more specifically to the goose-neck on the swivel over the kelly) and also permits complimentary vertical activity of the kelly while assisting in the circulation of drilling liquid through the system as well as down the drill string.

Kelly hose is used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. It allows the drill string to be raised and lowered while the drill fluid is pumped through it.

Kelly line usually contains two layers of plated steel cables to reach 5000 psi operating pressure.
Inside tube is made of special NBR to improve abrasion and corrosion capability. Rubber cover is compatible with the ozone, sunlight and oils for a long time. It is supplied with multiple end fittings – API flanges, threads, butt-welded union and other as specified.

High Pressure Drilling Rotary Hoses is used in drilling and exploration work. Suitable for hydraulic fluids, such as hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricants, emulsion, glycol and water.
Drilling hose is also used to adjust the installation mistake between drilling pipe line and stand pipe to avoid shake. To transmit high pressure oil or water based mud.

Meets the severe demands of today’s drilling methods including directional drilling, pressure pulses and elevated temperatures. Tube is designed to handle abrasive, corrosive and oil based drilling muds.
The cover is designed to handle external damage from abrasion, corrosion, gouges, oil and weather.

Kelly Hose Recommended For:
Flexible hose between the riser and manifold or around the ball joint of offshore drilling rigs, specially designed to withstand high pressure.
Meets the high demands of directional drilling and down linking with negative pressure pulses and elevated temperatures.
This hose can also be used as a Motion Compensator hose for stabilization of rotary drilling and pumping equipment against vertical wave action on offshore drill platforms.
The Motion Compensator hose is not recommended for phosphate ester fluids.