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The circulation system is one system that plays an important role in the operation of rotary drilling (rotary drilling) is the main. Which helps system players inside the “drill” by providing the tools appropriate to regulate the materials mud and workplaces to prepare, maintain and replace the drilling fluid. The circulatory system is composed by four major sub-components, namely:

  1. Drilling mud
  2. The preparation
  3. Hardware circulation
  4. The conditioning of sludge

In general, the drilling mud can be circulated in the following order: sludge in steel mud pit sucked by the pump – pressure pipe – stand pipe – rotary hose – swivel head – kelly – drill pipe – drill collar – bit – annular drill collar – annular drill pipe – mud line / flow line, shale shaker – stainless mud pit – smoked pump back and forth. This can be seen in the following.

Drilling mud is an important factor in drilling. Drilling mud is initially only serves as a carrier powder drill (cutting) from the base of the drill hole to the surface. The drilling mud has important functions in the drilling operations, among others:
– Lifting the cutting surface.
– Controlling the formation pressure.
– Cooling and lubricate the bit and drill string.
– Giving the wall in the drill hole with mud cake.
– Resist cutting when circulation is stopped.
– Reducing the weight of a series of drill pipe portion (buoyancy effect).
– Removing the cutting and sand the surface.
– Get information (mud logging, sample log).
– As media logging.

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