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In geological and petroleum rotary drilling, large capacity fluid slurry needs to be transported to the drill bit by high pressure, and rotary drilling hose and hose assembly are used as flexible connectors in the mud pipeline.

The rotary drilling hose is used between the top of the riser and the rotating section running up and down. Marine slurry conveyor Hoses are transported at high pressure slurry between barges and offshore rigs, usually at a length greater than 13.5m.

The damping hose is shorter (9m or less) and is used between the pump and the drilling rack, the riser manifold, to apply different axes and isolate vibrations.

It is composed of inner glue layer, inner glue protective layer, medium glue layer, steel wire winding layer and outer layer.

Hose lining should be made up of oil-resistant, water-resistant rubber.
The hose reinforcement layer shall consist of textile and steel wire (rope) materials.

Hose cladding should be made up of oil-resistant, wear-resistant and weather-resistant rubber, and the surface should have a color band along its length in order to be installed with the use of hoses.

Suitable for oil drilling. The water hose with flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the vertical moving faucet in the mud conveying system. and suitable for adjusting the installation error between the drilling pump pipeline and the riser. To facilitate connection and isolation of vibrations. Suitable for large quantities of water-based or oil-based slurry pumped from rotary drilling equipment and the lowest aniline point 66°C under high pressure. And can prevent the erosion of hydrogen sulfide. Underground operation of oilfield to transport water, oil, mud and other high-pressure media.

Products are divided into steel wire reinforced type. Steel chain line enhancement type.

Connector type: In addition to the use of APISpec5B pipeline pipe and tubing thread, can also be provided by the siren and flange connection form, can be manufactured according to user requirements